Are you a sun burner or a sun tanner?

Are you a sun burner or a sun tanner?

Are you a sun burner or a sun tanner?

Do you tend to tan or to burn when you are out in the sun? While some people do tan, others tend to burn when they go out on a sunny day. Many mistakenly think that getting a burn is just a natural part of getting to the tan part.

Your skin SHOULD NOT burn on the way to a tan! These are two very different processes that happen to your skin when you expose it to UV light.

If you are a burner then you are exactly who the scientists at Moondust Cosmetics® had in mind when they searched for a true sun care solution. Moondust products were especially formulated for people who burn in the sun or must take extra precautions when exposed to bright or hazy day sun time.

Before we delve into the science, let’s look at these easy to adapt, sun smart things you can do to protect your skin and keep it healthy everyday:

1.Express yourself as you protect yourself with sun fashion

How about a wide-brimmed hat, or try on some UV clothing. For a break from direct sun you can find a shady tree, a patio or carry along a fun umbrella as your new fashion accessory, ready to open for action wherever you might go!

2. As you start to glow, go with a fresh layer of sun care protection

Reapply a fresh layer of sun care protector at least 2x a day. It is especially important if you are swimming or dipping into water. It’s also a good idea if you are exercising outdoor and find yourself sweating.

3. Be in charge of your personal UV exposure

Manage your UV exposure in the sun by spending less time outdoors in peak heat or sun times between 11 am and 3 pm. This is a particularly savvy choice if it’s day one of sun exposure for you after being wrapped up all winter – cozy but covered.

So are you a tanner or a burner? Knowing how your skin responds to being in the sun is critical. It will help you determine whether you may be prone to getting skin cancer and should take an extra skin care step when outdoors in bright or hazy sun hours.

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