Where Are You On the Human Sunburn Cycle?

Where Are You On the Human Sunburn Cycle?

Where Are You On the Human Sunburn Cycle?

So, how can you really tell if you tan or if you burn?

There’s a scientific way! The Human Sunburn Cycle was developed by Dr. Moondust® herself. It can help you understand how your skin is responding after sun exposure.

The Sunburn Cycle has three distinct phases and it takes about a week to complete following sun exposure.

Look for these distinct phases to know exactly where you are at:

1.Phase one – Redness and inflammation

First signs of redness and inflammation appear. Your skin may be puffy, sensitive and sore. You may notice blisters and tender skin that is raw and painful.

2. Phase two –  New tissue formation

There is evidence of new skin cell growth. It’s there right under the dead skin cells. You may also notice small flakes of skin with pink skin peeking through and it is likely tender. Give yourself some TLC as the healing process is working for your skin’s restoration. 

….* For TLC you might try traditional ingredients such as aloe vera, calendula or try the calming and desensitizing properties of Moondust Cosmetics® own products to soothe your skin.

3. Phase three – Apoptosis (peeling)

This is when peeling is fully underway. You’ll first notice peeling of the upper layer of dead skin cells. The peeling is followed by flaking and itchy, scaly and lighter coloured skin under the patches that are peeling.

You know how you feel, right? Science can help you take care of yourself once you know what’s happening and what your skin needs.

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