What you don’t know about SPF might hurt you

What you don’t know about SPF might hurt you

What you don’t know about SPF might hurt you

If you burn in the sun, SPF won’t help you because it does not prevent The Human Sunburn Cycle. SPF prevents tanning. So what can you really count on for true sun protection?

“APF” or Apoptotic Protection Factor, is an innovation of Moondust Cosmetics® and helps to prevent all three phases of the human sunburn cycle. APF is something that the average shopper looking at a huge array of sun lotions isn’t aware of, but industry insiders and makers of sun protection do know it.

So, this is what you need to know when you go to choose your sun protection product.

That SPF number was a marketing decision. It is arbitrary and not based in science.

The number is about tan prevention which varies considerably according to skin type and skin colour. A higher number does not equal more protection. If you look at the chart you’ll see very little increase in the level of protection that you can expect even as the SPF # climbs. And very little change from SPF 10 to 50.

SKIN PROTECTOR PLUS (SPP) a Moondust Cosmetics® product contains zinc at 13.5% which is equivalent to almost SPF 20, but without added chemicals or more metals that the skin needs to absorb in order to deflect UV rays. So if you want more protection and safety, you’ll find SPP is healthier for the skin.

If you are prone to skin cancer or already sensitive or allergic to ingredients, then using SPP is a non-toxic, skin-friendly way to protect yourself on a daily basis.

What is the Moondust Cosmetics® solution to help the sun aware?

You’ll find the sun protecting power of APF – Apoptotic Protection Factor. APF is formulated to prevent all three phases of the Human Sunburn Cycle, which is linked to skin cancer. The Cycle is approximately one week in length and there is not much variation since it stems from minimal melanin in the skin.

Scientists at Moondust Cosmetics® worked to formulate and bring to market the ONLY effective protection for sunburn.

They wanted to create a product that offered real protection for apoptosis or scientific sunburn. Moondust’s SKIN PROTECTOR PLUS is their solution for all the people who must be outside yet are prone to burning. It is also a great help to skin cancer survivors who now take special precautions before they step out into the sun to simply enjoy it or to work outdoors in it.

Conclusion:  “What was on the market wasn’t helping me and it wasn’t helping anyone concerned with recovery from or prevention of skin cancer,” said Dr. Moondust. So, she and her team set about to invent a better way, a solution.

As Skin Protector Plus is not formulated for ‘tanners’ but for ‘burners’, they developed a true sun protection for anyone worried about skin cancer, hard chemicals or excessive metals in their lotions. Shoppers are encouraged to choose and to use APF based protection products.

You’ll love our next blog as we share how Moondust Cosmetics® responded to product users’ feedback and reformulated their sun protection selection to fit more smoothly into active lifestyle.

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