You asked, we listened and that’s why we created SPP

You asked, we listened and that’s why we created SPP

You asked, we listened and that’s why we created SPP

It’s fierce and it is friendly – ready to serve your best health interests.

SKIN PROTECTOR PLUS (SPP) by Moondust Cosmetics® was formulated in response to the kind of solution you asked for as our customers.

You wanted Moondust sun care products to fit more easily into your daily routines and to use throughout the day while you were out and about.  

You also asked for a product that would protect you during prolonged sun exposure on those high intensity UV days when no sunscreen seems to work. This was especially important to our customers who are prone to scientific sunburn or who are sun sensitive.

There was also a need for a sunscreen for post-skin cancer patients particularly concerned with effective protection in which they can have confidence.

Our scientists reformulated Moondust Cosmetics® improving all the protection you count on plus some luxury touches we think you’ll love:

  • More protection. Zinc content is now 4% more (13.5% in SPP up from 9.5%)  
  • Easier to apply. Smoother and less Zinc-y despite an increase in protective zinc 
  • Prettier and practical for public appearances.  New packaging outside and new formula inside blends beautifully with your lifestyle no matter where you take out our tube for application.

 How did we manage more protection and more of that lighter feel?

We added rose and lavender to the SPP formula ingredients. These essential oils add a gentle, fresh scent instead of that sun care smells we all know. In addition, rose and lavender calm the skin and delight the senses with their fragrance.  

Calming action is a benefit of the lighter application of protection. Still as reliable. Fresher on the skin and calming to the spirit and the exposed skin! 

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In our next blog, we’ll let you know where SPP and other Moondust Cosmetics® is now available offline.

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