Dr. Moondust’s passions for people, true sun and skin protection and our shared environment

Dr. Moondust’s passions for people, true sun and skin protection and our shared environment

Dr. Moondust’s passions for people, true sun and skin protection and our shared environment

The launch of SKIN PROTECTOR PLUS in August 2019 in Vancouver, BC revealed the new look and new formulation of one of the products in the Moondust Cosmetics’® sun care protection line.  The celebration was also an opportunity to meet Dr. Moondust in person.

As a dedicated researcher, Dr. Chanda Siddoo-Atwal, is the President and primary biochemist behind the Moondust Cosmetics® team.  Her mission is to provide effective sun protection, using only the purest, natural medicinal ingredients without any animal testing, in an attractive and highly protective mineral base designed for daily use.  She also works to change the face of the suncare industry by dispelling myths about suncare products.  

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of London and her Ph.D. in Applied Sciences is from Simon Fraser University. Her research was conducted at the BC Cancer Research Centre and she did her Post-doctoral fellowship in the Biochemistry Department at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Cancer was her subject of specialization. The love of science and in particular health science has been a very early and constant interest in Dr. Siddoo-Atwal’s life. She had role models right at home. Her mother was a medical doctor, a pediatrician, and her father an eminent entomologist.

Her deeper dive came with Ataxia-telangiectasia (AT) patients, who are genetically prone to lymphomas. More experience with cancer in various models of carcinogenesis including ultraviolet radiation-induced skin cancer, led her to create a novel formulation of a sunscreen to combat apoptotic sunburn. Apoptosis, or scientific sunburn, has been associated with an increased risk of skin cancer. 

Her pursuit of the best sun protection for skin cancer survivors and those suffering from apoptotic sunburn no matter which product they used, also stemmed from her personal experience with the commonly available solutions based on SPF. She found they DID NOT prevent sunburn, only redness, inflammation and tanning.

Existing formulations weren’t blocking the whole sunburn process. Her next step was to identify and to develop the ‘sunburn cycle’ to educate both those in most need of reliable care and to dispel the misleading myths of sun protection barraging the general public. Her passion and expertise led to the formulations of the Moondust Cosmetics® lines. Dr. Siddoo-Atwal promoted APF (Apoptotic Protection Factor) as the more effective measure to minimize scientific sunburn and ultimately cell death.

The technical side of her research has produced a solution that can prevent many forms of skin diseases including skin cancer. It offers the confidence of protection to patients that have already survived it.  The formulations work for people who go out into the sun or are exposed to ultraviolet radiation and for those people whose skin peels no matter how hard they try to protect it.

The esthetic result of her work, especially with its recently unveiled improvements, offers sensation pleasing products that do not irritate skin or cause any inflammation. Moondust Cosmetics®’ products – which currently include a facial base and a skin protector – are ideal for post procedures (like ablative lasers, peels, surgery to help protect and heal the skin.).

Dr. Chanda Siddoo-Atwal’s name means moon. As she chose to call her innovative company Moondust Cosmetics®, her colleagues and friends soon referred to her as Dr. Moondust®. The special combination of dedication to her craft and the extraordinary energies it takes to bring even the most needed and helpful products to market, has earned her recognition on both academic and business circles.

In 2018, Drishti Magazine honoured her with the title of Vancouver’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.  She has been invited to present her research at symposiums, conferences and expos around the world. Her book, A New Approach to Cancer Risk Assessment: An Overview (Lambert Academic Publishing) ties together her research and her many presentations. Her latest publication of a chapter in Current Understanding of Apoptosis includes her research on electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and the effect it has on living beings. 

Dr. Moondust is applying her knowledge, skills and abilities in the quest to develop a unique line of cosmetics meeting rigorous scientific standards. She is also devoted to the arts. She plays the piano, writes operas, and coordinates an orchestra to play her pieces in public venues.

An ardent supporter of environmental and social causes, she is a philanthropist who is devoted to working for peace. On September 23rd, she is hosting a Peace Concert and You are the World conference at the Swanwick Centre in Victoria, BC in an effort to further educate the public on how to live and to create a more peaceful world.

To learn more about Dr. Siddoo-Atwal and Moondust Cosmetics®, visit the website at moondustcosmetics.com and find us on Facebook at facebook.com/DrMoondust/

Download a free chapter of “Current Understanding of Apoptosis” here:  https://bit.ly/2OSGMxN

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