How the Human Sunburn Cycle Affects You

How the Human Sunburn Cycle Affects You

Understanding of *The Human Sunburn Cycle, developed by Dr. Moondust® first appeared in the online editions of Science 2.0 and in the Indian Journal of Ecology in April 2011.

As the creator and scientific force behind the revolutionary Moondust Cosmetics®, she was already investigating superior methods to prevent and control sunburn. She could not find products on the market she deemed safe and effective enough for her own use, nor any to allay concerns of people recovering from skin cancer or those wanting to prevent cancer or to escape the sunburn cycle their skin was prone to.

What you can look for in the Human Sunburn Cycle*  

The natural human sunburn cycle (without any sunscreens) is approximately one week in length (7 days) from start to finish. Macroscopically, it consists of three stages or phases including Inflammation (Phase I), New Tissue Formation (Phase 2), and Apoptosis or visible peeling (Phase 3).

This is what you can expect to see:

Phase 1:  Redness and inflammation starts 20-30 minutes from the time of first sun exposure and can last 2-3 days.

Phase 2:  New tissue forms and is stimulated below the surface of the skin after initial exposure and is complete within one week.

Phase 3:  Top layer of dead skin cells falls away to reveal a new tissue layer beneath. This process directly follows the inflammatory phase and is complete approximately 7 days following exposure.

Phase 1 and Phase 3 comparison:

Phase 1 - Redness and Inflammation in the human sunburn cycle
Phase 1 Redness and Inflammation
Phase 3 - Apoptosis Peeling of the Human Sunburn Cycle
Phase 3 – Apoptosis Peeling

Sunburn can take place naturally without the use of sunscreen, suntan lotion, or other sun preparations in genetically susceptible individuals even during winter months.

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*The Human Sunburn Cycle, was developed by Dr. Moondust® and first appeared in the Indian Journal of Ecology 2011; Science 2.0 April 20, 2011 online.