Revolutionary suncare for your skin in any season

Revolutionary suncare for your skin in any season

It’s not just another tube of so-called sun protection cream. Skin Protection Plus (SPP) is revolutionary. It’s good for your skin and for your overall heath. Here’s how it works to both protect and beautify.

Skin Protection Plus minimizes the risk of ‘”scientific sunburn” and therefore decrease the chances of getting skin cancer.

“Apoptosis” is the scientific name for scientific sunburn. It is a form of cell death and it is directly linked to skin cancer.  Skin Protector Plus is formulated with Apoptotic Protection Factor (APF) to limit exposure to damaging UVA and UVB rays. It also consists of all natural ingredients, unlike the many chemically based, toxic products on the shelves. So, it provides the safest solution for anyone who is prone to “scientific sunburn” when exposed to UV radiation.

The Power of APF 

Did you know your skin either tans or burns – but, it doesn’t do both?

Choosing the right sun protection for your skin type is critical.  Many people face the array of products boasting different SPF levels but it is Apoptotic Protection Factor (APF) that is essential for safe sun time, especially if you are a burner not a tanner. Burning and tanning are two entirely different physiological processes, so when you choose based on SPF ratings, you are mainly preventing tanning (which is not usually linked to skin cancer).

In a capful, here’s what you need to know:

1.Both UVA & UVB rays can cause “scientific sunburn” or cell death

SPF is the measure of a sunscreen’s ability to block UVB
APF is the measure of a sunscreen’s ability to block UVA & UVB

2.Measuring the right stuff counts

SPF uses ability to prevent tanning (or coloration) as its endpoint for effectiveness
APF is about the ability to prevent cell death (peeling) as its endpoint for effectiveness

It’s about actual apoptotic condition.
APF is where the burn buck stops! It prevents burning.
SPF is about preventing tanning.

3. Skin cancer is linked to cell death (peeling), not to tanning.

APF is such an important concept it bears repeating that when your skin peels that is cell death. SPF does not protect from apoptosis. Having the APF in your skin care products is a must.

Be sun safe and relaxed when you enjoy extended exposure in this season’s sun at home, or during a super sunny winter getaway.

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