Counting the days for when you feel the sand between your toes?

Counting the days for when you feel the sand between your toes?

Counting the days for when you feel the sand between your toes?

Are you heading south this holiday season?

Whether you’re a tanner or a burner, whether you’re used to being in the surf or sand, you’ll be smart to take some extra TLC when heading to the beach this winter holiday. 

Sand, sea foam and water increase your chances of burning especially when it’s been a while since you’ve been exposed to the sun.

Doesn’t walking along the beach, one foot in the water, the other on sand feel so good?  Beware though! Both surfaces reflect UV rays, not as much as from snow, but still 15-25% higher than non-reflective surfaces.

You can help decrease your burn rate by wearing clothing that covers exposed areas and sunglasses to help keep your skin and eyes safe from any damaging rays.

You can also take along your BFF for fun in the sun! Skin Protector Plus (SPP) protects your skin, scalp, face and body from scientific sunburn so you don’t burn and peel as you acclimatize to sunny skies.  Moondust Cosmetics® Skin Protector Plus with APF (Apoptotic Protection Factor) is calming to the skin, keeping it soft and sun safe.

Enjoy strolls to the markets, water sports, tours and leisure time on sun drenched patios or beaches without worrying about all the side effects of sun exposure.

Moondust’s natural Skin Protector Plus, assures you of sun protection:

  • For high intensity UV days

SPP is a water-based cream formulated for outdoor use in moderate climates

  • Suitable for scientific sunburn

Apoptosis is the common term for scientific sunburn as part of the Human Sunburn Cycle that includes burning, peeling and healing over 7 days 

  • For the sun sensitive and for post-skin cancer patients

Peace of mind and a formula that may be suitable for skin cancer patients – consult your medical professional.                          

SPP is not just another tube of so-called sun protectant. Moondust Cosmetics® cares about you and about the environment you’ve come to play and relax in because it is has reef-safe minerals, natural sun filters with no harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances or perfumes or artificial colour. None! So when you’re swimming with the sharks or setting turtles free you know they won’t be victims of more pollution or toxic ingredients.

The whole family will love SPP’s calming, soothing and hydrating ingredients. Suitable for all skin types, all genders, and anyone 3 years and older. The fresh and healing formula is ultra-light and easy to spread and even easier to re-apply.  

Pack to protect and play safe in the sun. The 60ml / 2oz tube is even TSA friendly.

Get in on the BOGO holiday special: Buy One Get One FREE – Skin Protector Plus until December 15, 2019 (no min, no max)

Order early for delivery before Christmas – especially for gifts and stocking stuffers destined for Eastern Canada & to the United States and order by Dec 7.         

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