Be Happy Holiday Tips from Moondust Cosmetics®

Be Happy Holiday Tips from Moondust Cosmetics®

Happy Holidays is the greeting we read, hear and say most right now to share joy, isn’t it? Even science is referenced in posts all over to participate in the season’s activity as celebration of any kind have the power to make us happy.  

Yes, even in the hectic midst of making lists, hunting for the perfect gifts, preparing foods and stressing to make it to all the holiday gathering! 

Is there a secret to get the goodies we wish for each other – relationships and mental and physical well-being we are happy about? It just might be to enjoy a slice of self-care first!  

What do you think about these habits to practice now, and all year? Feel free to put them into practice now to enrich your life and maybe, make it a bit easier: 

1. Choose to be happy  

It helps to spend time at happy pursuits that interest you and to be around positive people. While you are at it, choose a happy tone in conversation and when you can fit it in, add some humour to life’s rollercoaster of moments.  

2. Give yourself the gift of gratitude  

Something magical happens when we express appreciation. It seems the more we notice things to be grateful for, the more we get to be grateful for.  

Gratitude can shift your perspective and bring in more love and positive feelings to any life situation. Some like to keep a gratitude journal to help maintain their attitude of gratitude in their lives and the world. You can simply list three to five things you’re grateful for every day. These might be your career, good health, friends, family, your home – the meals and little indulgences you enjoy or simply, favourite movies, shows, books and music that bring you joy.  

3. Try for balance in your life that includes ‘me time’ 

Being the social creatures we humans are, we are pulled to connect at work, in community and with family. We pay attention to social interactions as they nurture positive feeling, thinking and health.  

It’s just as essential for you to enjoy ‘me time’. You need it to help you de-stress, process emotions, and make smart decisions. You might find joy in your own company as you exercise, meditate, enjoy a hobby or new activity, prepare a nice meal or decadently treat yourself to a shopping trip or spa day.  

We hope you find all the right ingredients to serve up some joy for yourself so that you can share in the happiness the holiday season brings to your life!  

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