Moondust Cosmetics® tips on free and simple joys to share at the holidays

Moondust Cosmetics® tips on free and simple joys to share at the holidays

In our last post, the team at Moondust Cosmetics® chose three ways to have a happy holiday and celebrate yourself while you build healthy habits going forward. Today, we’ve got ideas to reach out with gifts of time and care to create or share joy for others. 

Helping others has also been shown to bring your own endorphin levels up. It’s a natural now to connect with our social community, family and friends and to increase our joy by sharing the good feelings.  

Here are some no, or very low cost, ways to connect with others: 

Gestures of kindness and compassion  

Haven’t you had a day brightened with a simple, kind act? Now you can take a turn to:  

  • Give a smile
  • Say a warm greeting
  • Hold the door open for someone 
  • Offer to help carry items
  • Bring a surprise coffee or similar drink
  • Compliment honestly and freely 

Go deeper and reach out to others in need  

Time and thoughtfulness are excellent gifts that feel good giving and receiving.  

  • Plan a visit. Bring flowers, some home baking or simply a pretty card to a neighbour or friend.
  • Help fill some community need with a holiday drive to provide meals, gloves, socks and similar to the homeless. Toys for children in need. Cast off linens or blankets are always well received to comfort animals in shelters. 
  • Brighten the day for someone having a tough time at the holidays as they deal with a disease, feel a loss or any reason with a call to cheer them or lend support. 
  • Visit a nursing home with Christmas cards and notes for all residents. Easier to do with all the Dollar stores around us that offer inexpensive cards to richly lift spirits.  

And if a ‘new family member’ arrives as a pet, remember to love and show compassion to the new addition, and to the fur or feathered companions already in your home. 

Moondust Cosmetics® wishes you an abundance of joy, health and happiness over the holidays and into the New Year ahead. Dr. Moondust has composed and opera on nuclear war with music based on bird songs. One song will be released daily starting December 22. Listen via her personal Facebook page. Join in here. 

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