3 gentle science-based steps to keep your resolutions to change going strong

3 gentle science-based steps to keep your resolutions to change going strong

We all do it. So did the Moondust Cosmetics® Team. We look ahead to the fresh New Year and resolve to change – like adopt a lifelong habit for our health or commit to more productive days. That required change. Since Moondust Cosmetics® adheres to science to formulate and prove our sun care products, our team members turned to the studies of Charles Duhigg and BJ Fogg’s with the science of habits to help with our plans to improve.

Here are three steps based on their findings that you can take to change your existing habits or make new ones:

1. Take small steps to get big results

Pick a small action you can carry out successful. That means for example, instead of saying “I will exercise more” you say, “I will take the stairs when there is a choice of stairs or elevator.”  If your office is on the 10th floor and you are not in shape for that yet, start small again. Take the elevator half way and use the stairs half the way up or down.

2. Tag team your new habit to an established one

Add a new habit you want to develop to one you already keep really, really well.  If you want to straighten up to a good posture and pull your tummy in, why not do it while you brush your teeth. Your tooth brushing habit is set and you went on automatic with it years ago, right?

It’s about the cues you already set up in your brain. See the toothbrush, remember to stand up tall and pull your abs in and up. See the office entrance, head for the stairs. 

3. Make it so you can take each step easily

Plan your new actions to be super easy to do for at least the first week.

Science calls this a conditioned response. For the new habit to take root in your daily routine and in your mind you need to practice it. You’ll need to do it from 3 to 7 times for it to stick.

Hey, sticky notes might help! Write yourself a note like: Today, take the stairs or when you brush your teeth pull your tummy in 5 times or get all the goodies together in the fridge the night before my breakfast.

Good luck practicing these steps for 3 to 7 days in a row and voila! New habit is established.

Give it a try. What have you got to lose? This year use science to create and stick to your New Year’s resolutions. And if your plans include some outdoor time, why not slather on a bit of science and be sun safe with Moondust’s Skin Protector Plus.

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