Steps to better health still #1 resolution made at the New Year

Steps to better health still #1 resolution made at the New Year

Resolutions made at the new year, and this time it’s also at the dawn of a new decade, usually involve giving up some habit or taking up a new one around self-improvement – at least long enough to register some results. At Moondust Cosmetics® we hope it includes being kind to humans, and animals and also caring for yourself and being out in nature,

Whatever your intended area of attention and improvement, best hurry and get started. Apparently, January 15 is recognized as the point in time when people’s resolutions start to breakdown. See our short tips on helping habits stick, courtesy of science here.

Why not make it simple to warm up to your newly resolved specific goals. Relaxing about trusting ourselves was inspired by the UK’s popular Dr. Rangan Chatterjee who maintains that health results from a progressive approach to the whole body and starts with attention to your lifestyle.

These are Team Moondust’s simple whole health tips:

Clean eating

Give yourself the gift of time to pick and prepare healthy servings of fresh foods. Have plenty of veggies and some fruits and don’t forget pure water. 


Stretch out, get up and move about regularly and often in your actual daily life vs. exercise only at the gym. Have some fun while you at it!


Get enough good rest at night.  Rest to destress from pressures and to recharge for life’s pleasures.

And if you can get out in nature, to enjoy the light and appreciate the natural environment do that, too.

At Moondust Cosmetics®, clean living includes the use of products with natural ingredients.  If you are out in the environment for work or pleasure at any time of the year, consider taking along our Skin Protector Plus a light cream that protects you from scientific sunburn and is protective of even the most delicate environments.

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