Love is in the air this month everywhere under the sun

Love is in the air this month everywhere under the sun

Did you know that in the Southern Hemisphere, February is a summer month equivalent to August for us northerners? Its name is from the Latin word ‘februum’ and means purification. So it’s fresh starts and action after a month of reflection and resolutions, right?  Plus, love is in the air, so let’s get out in it!

February offers lots of glow on the go time starting with a check on the official opinions of our friends in the natural outdoors – Groundhog Day. Then gatherings for the game with friends and family cheering the  Superbowl.

Not to be missed – Valentine’s Day – the universal prompt to show and share our love. Who do you plan to lavish love on this year?

At Moondust Cosmetics®, we’re known to encourage you to layer on our sun care, and now in this month that highlights the heart, we’re urging you to spread some love on yourself – first. Self-care energizes so you can radiate real love onto others and make them feel great too.

Craving a sunny escape?   

Our fingertips found this Desert Festival of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, India while perusing the worldwide celebrations in February. It has sun and fun with “Best moustache” pageants, turban-tying competitions, snake charmers, camel polo and folk dance performances. Visitors arrive for via SUV or on camelback and make this cultural gathering in the middle of the Thar Desert a big annual popular draw.

So much to love in February – community generated joy, opportunity to light up mid-winter nights or mid-summer, depending on your global location.

Here’s the sun-safe tips all your choices have in common:

  • Hydrate to keep you stress free in a new time zone or time schedule and activities
  • Travel light to free yourself for easier and more movement, including spontaneous side trips
  • Tote along reliable sun care protection for your mid-winter skin that’s normally covered up

You might like to travel by active transport or via armchair online to these other warm weather events that grabbed our interest:

Mardi Gras Carnival in New Orleans or Rio Carnival, Brazil’s annual ‘Celebration of Life’ on throughout the country. Get up close and personal dancing at the Tango Festival in Buenos Aires where the world’s most iconic dance is alive in venues all over the city.

Near or far – activate love for yourself and lavish love on other people and our vibrant environment. Be sun safe. Grab your fun floppy hat and tote along a tube of Skin Protector Plus (SPP) to keep the memories and reduce your risk of sun exposure.

Let us know how YOU plan to enjoy February!

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