Dr. Moondust Answers Questions About Helpful Hygiene Habits

Dr. Moondust Answers Questions About Helpful Hygiene Habits

Dr. Moondust, award-winning scientist and President of Moondust Cosmetics, shares her thoughts on precautions we can all take during COVID-19 as well as personal care tips while at home and in the sun.  

HK:  What do you suggest we do to help ourselves most to maintain our health in terms of personal hygiene?  

Dr. Moondust:  Well, latest reports suggest that corona virus RNA or genetic material, can persist up to 17 days on certain surfaces that have not been disinfected. So here are a few tips on general hygiene that can help:   

  • Bathe daily to remove germs from your body. And there are certain essential oils like Jasmine oil that contain a chemical component called benzoic acid which has antimicrobial and antiviral properties. It can help reduce infections of the respiratory system. So, just a dab on the wrists and behind the ears or a few drops in the bath may not only give it a delightful scent but may actually help protect you from a nasty flu. 
  • Change your clothes daily. Wash them regularly especially whenever you have been outside or have had contact with others. You should use some germicidal agent when doing laundry. This is especially important for hotels and hospitals.  
  • Use disinfectant for regular housecleaning and if you are a person who is allergic to harsh chemicals, just remember that citric acid in lemon juice is an excellent disinfectant with natural antiviral properties, something which is foremost in our minds these days.  
  • Always get a new toothbrush after you have been ill. 

HK:  Do you have any comments about skin and sun care protection for those of us who can get outside for a daily walk?  

Dr. Moondust: Well, the nice thing about sun protection containing zinc oxide is that zinc is slowly absorbed by the body from zinc oxide. Using Moondust Cosmetics® Skin Protector Plus, formulated with zinc oxide, may also be one way of helping to fortify the body with zinc. This essential mineral may contribute to protecting us from viruses at this time because zinc inhibits their replication.  

It’s really a good way to help protect the body any time you go outside to enjoy the benefits of sun and fresh air – especially, if you are prone to scientific sunburn, if you are a skin cancer patient, or, a post-skin cancer patient.  

HK:  Have you any comments on what we can expect as we experience our current shared COVID19 crisis? 

Dr. Moondust:   The good news is that this virus seems to be stable and has not mutated significantly so far. The important thing to remember is that China got through this after three months of rigorous controls and we’re also starting to see a drop- off in some European countries. So, if we are careful and institute the same kind of restrictions, we should follow close behind and be able to get out into the sun while it’s still shining!  

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