Mask Demo by Dr. Moondust on How to wear Your Mask Properly

Mask Demo by Dr. Moondust on How to wear Your Mask Properly

Step 3 in proper mask usage is a demo by Dr. Moondust because even as we’ve gotten used to reaching for a mask when indoors with others in public places, or where we can’t be sure to keep a social distance of 6 feet or better, we may have fallen into bad habits. Dr. Moondust’s refresher demo can also be seen on video here.

Q:  How do we handle the mask while putting it on?  

Dr. Moondust:

  • Do not touch the inside of the mask as your hands may be contaminated.
  • Handle by the strings that loop over your ears. 
  • Cover the nose and lips both.  

Q:   How do we check that it is in fact effective?

Dr. Moondust:

  • Check for gaps at the sides of the mask at the ends of our cheeks.
  • You may need to close those gaps to ensure safety. 
  • Adjust your mask if needed to make it fit closer to your face, by tying the strings that go over your ears, to shorten them and fit the mask more closely.

Dr. Moondust’s tips to extend the life of our masks as they may be in short supply:

  • Clean cloth masks with soap and water and let dry well.
  • Refresh and clean disposable medical masks – using a tissue dampened with a high percentage clear alcohol (unsweetened) like vodka you may have at home.
  •  Blot lightly. Let dry well and it is ready for re-use. 

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Stay safe. Be well.