Skin care in the Sun is Part of Women’s Health

Skin care in the Sun is Part of Women’s Health

On this Moondust Cosmetics® Q&A, Dr. Annie Savage answers Helena Kaufman’s (HK) question about skin care in the sun and how it fits into a woman’s health care regimen.   

Dr. Savage is a naturopathic doctor with a focus on women’s health and medical aesthetics.  She is co-founder with Megan Maycher of Bay Wellness Centre, serving patients in downtown Vancouver.  They focus on pain management, women’s health and medical aesthetics along with overall primary health care.                                                    

HK:  Welcome, Dr. Annie Savage.  

You recently chose to include Moondust’s Skin Protector Plus (SPP) at the Bay Wellness Centre. Can you tell us a bit about that decision on behalf of your patients? 

Dr. Savage:  So we work primarily with women at Bay Wellness so we always have, and especially in the summertime, women asking what they can do for sun protection.  

Our clients at the centre have an awareness of toxicity and look for products with ingredients that are safe and that will still work for them.  Women are worried about what’s on the face, in fact face and breast – the face and some of the chest is generally exposed when out in the sun.  

To help, we looked for a really clean product that would offer healthy protection from the sun and we found that with Dr. Moondust’s creation.  

HK:   Is there anything particular about the Skin Protector Plus formulation that appealed to you? 

Dr. Annie Savage:  Yes. I met with Dr. Chanda Siddoo-Atwal, who is Dr. Moondust. I really loved her formulation, what she had to say and about the science behind it as she’s a cancer biologist. I really trust her work and all the research she put into it. We found SPP to be a really clean product. At Bay Wellness Centre this means that it doesn’t have any of the toxins that we don’t want to put on our skin. Women especially find themselves putting a lot of products on their skin with those ingredients we’d like to avoid. They’re found in the lotions and creams and makeup we use.   

SPP meets our criteria for a healthy blended product.  It works really well, which I appreciate in my wellness practice and just to be sure I also had a bunch of my friends test it out. They also found it feels really nice on the skin. For me that’s really important as I’m really picky about what I put on my skin and especially on my face. 

I really liked that it was lightweight. It doesn’t feel tacky or gross and if you go out and you’re perspiring, it doesn’t kind of sweat off. All those components from science backed sun care to all the pleasant application made me want to introduce it at my clinic as a solution for my clients.  

It went on smoothly and smelled nice and I trust that the ingredients are natural, pure and have protective properties to prevent skin burning in the sun – especially given the percentage of zinc it has.  

HK: Yes, we’re learning SPP’s 13.5% Zinc Oxide offers a physical block to safeguard the skin from UV radiation (suitable for all skin types, genders and ages over 3 years old). In addition, zinc acts by blocking the replication machinery of SARS coronavirus, which is very similar to that of the novel coronavirus, making it a very likely inhibitor of both viruses as it absorbs into our skin.   

Dr. Savage, thank you so very much for joining us today. It’s good that we can count on your care at Bay Wellness Centre and on the safer sun care choice of Skin Protector Plus.   

Learn more about Dr. Savage and her naturopathic practice in downtown Vancouver at Bay Wellness Centre. 

Till next time, take care and be safe in the sun. 

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