Dr. Moondust on the prospect of a novel coronavirus vaccine

Dr. Moondust on the prospect of a novel coronavirus vaccine

As we look more closely at our current pandemic situation, Dr. Moondust, a cancer biologist shares her observations. 

Q. What do you think about vaccines for the current novel coronavirus? 

Dr. Moondust:  First of all, there are only two types of experts in this field – the virologists and the immunologists. I wouldn’t believe anybody else.  

Here is how I see it so far:  

• According to a well-placed Canadian virologist and an immunologist, it takes 10 years to produce a properly tested vaccine. Understandably, there is a race, globally to produce a vaccine first and fastest. 

• In the case of a claim being made about finding a safe and effective vaccine against the novel coronavirus, it most likely won’t be available in time to make a difference to the course of the pandemic. 

Q. Are there any approved coronavirus vaccines currently in use? 

Dr. Moondust: So far, NO successful vaccine against any coronavirus has been produced. 

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