Problems to overcome with vaccines to halt COVID-19

Problems to overcome with vaccines to halt COVID-19

Dr. Moondust, cancer biologist and founder of Moondust Cosmetics® answers questions from Moondust’s social media channels about problems that challenge developers of COVID-19 vaccines.  

Q. What are some of the problems with these vaccines?  

Dr. Moondust: There are some potential problems with a coronavirus vaccine.  

Briefly, we can anticipate that: 

  1. The vaccine may not work 
  2. Immunity may not last 
  3. The vaccine may be much less than 100% effective and also insufficient to create a herd immunity of 70% 

Q. Can you expand on this, given your experience with scientific research protocols? 

Dr. Moondust: Yes, in reviewing the literature available to us at this time, we know that: 

  • Certain vaccines developed against SARS (a close relative of the virus that causes COVID-19), actually made the disease worse in mice. 
  • Some vaccines can protect against a disease, but not against infection. So, we may find that individuals who we know to be vaccinated could potentially become asymptomatic carriers of the disease. They could still spread it in their communities. 
  • Vaccines based on RNA from coronavirus, which is the scientific twist we are dealing with now, or other viruses have never been tried in humans before. There could be unintended and irreversible consequences. 
  • At least one of the approved vaccines for the novel coronavirus had severe adverse effects in 3 out of 8 healthy people tested. 

Q: Any final comments on what the public’s response to vaccine might be?  

Dr. Moondust:  

  • Well, individuals should really consider the pros and cons of vaccines and how they might impact their bodies. 
  • It’s fair to acknowledge possible public resistance to taking the vaccine. 
  • And finally, there may be complications like not being able to produce enough. 

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