Pros and cons of the vaccine the world is waiting for to help us out of COVID pandemic

Pros and cons of the vaccine the world is waiting for to help us out of COVID pandemic

As summer’s end nears and we plan our return to school or to work, there’s a belief world- wide that vaccines will help us to also return to recognizable, pre-pandemic activity. Today Dr. Moondust, cancer biologist and founder of Moondust Cosmetics® responds to questions from Moondust’s social media channels. 

Dr. Moondust, there is so much news and high hopes for a COVID vaccine, shall we start with some basics? 

Q: What do you think about vaccines in general? 

Dr. Moondust: They’re an incredible scientific discovery – one of the biggies – I’ve always loved the story about how Jenner (Dr. Edward Jenner, UK, 1749-1823) observed how clear skinned the milkmaids were. He found out they all had contracted a milder form of small pox called cow pox and it gave them immunity that others didn’t have. Small pox was a terribly disfiguring disease of the time. It affected both men and women and he was able to prevent it with the vaccine he developed. The word ‘vaccine’ is actually derived from the Latin, vacca, for cow. 

Q. What’s been your personal experience with vaccines? 

Dr. Moondust: As I have travelled all over the world, I have taken vaccines all my life without any problems. They included tetanus, typhoid, cholera, polio. 

Q. Have you ever had a bad experience with a vaccine? 

Dr. Moondust:  Yes, for me it was the combination tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis vaccine given to me a few years ago. A month later, I developed symptoms that seemed to me like some sort of hemorrhagic flu with aches and pains in my joints. I was having nosebleeds, coughing up blood, and losing blood from other areas – it caused a hormonal imbalance in my body and I felt terribly weak for months because I already have a Mediterranean anemia. 

Quite honestly, I think the vaccine may have been contaminated with a hemorrhagic virus and I have only had oral vaccines since. 

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