Sun Season Extended with Skin Protector Plus

Sun Season Extended with Skin Protector Plus

Catch the season’s sun and all the best reasons to smooth on some Skin Protector Plus (SPP) as seen on Global TV’s Marc & Mandy Show with Dr. Moondust. 

Grab your 20% off now on all orders and get outside for more happy and healthy and safe times in the season’s sun. Your special promo code is SUMMER2020 because your summer just got extended!  

Join all the playful people and outdoor enthusiasts who count on the safe sun care of Moondust Cosmetics®.   

Bonus benefit of 13% zinc oxide in SPP’s gentle and safe formula? It’s a silky smooth cream that is easy to apply and absorbs fast.   

Zinc oxide’s been proven to create an environment inhospitable to the coronavirus as it absorbs into the skin. Zinc acts by blocking the replication machinery of SARS coronavirus, which is very similar to that of the novel coronavirus, making it a very likely inhibitor of both viruses. 

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