Be skin smart as you socialize and recreate outdoors in every season

Be skin smart as you socialize and recreate outdoors in every season

You might normally think suncare and protection only in blazing summer sun. Now, being safe in any season is smart as so many people are enjoying the outdoors more, and in fact adapting our social and even work activity for the outdoors. As we take in fresh air, and decrease our exposure to seasonal flus and corona infections, let’s not forget to care about cumulative sun exposure that can cause skin cancer. 

Easy to prevent skin damage with the science of sun protection developed by Dr. Moondust, president of Moondust Cosmetics® The video explores some of her work and we’re sharing a summary of her points in the blog post below. Get out and enjoy all you can from the health supporting outdoors!  

Segment summary for you:  

What is APF? 

APF stands for Apoptosis Protection Factor. It can help to prevent scientific sunburn, which is directly linked to skin cancer.  

Avoiding sunburns 

Getting a suntan and getting a sunburn are two separate physiological processes. Either you tan or you burn when you go in the sun. If you’re a person who burns easily in the sun, you should never go out during peak hours which are:  

10 am – 2 pm in very mild climates 

10 am – 4 pm in sub-tropical & tropical climates 

Dress for success in the sun 

You should always wear a hat and protect your head and face. Think about wearing long sleeves and long pants or skirts to cover your arms and legs. Never go barefoot and avoid sandals. Choose the right kind of skin protection.  

About Moondust Cosmetics®: 

Dr. Moondust and the team at Moondust Cosmetics® are dedicated to helping change the face of the industry by dispelling myths about sunscreens. We are completely committed to manufacturing   cruelty-free, high quality, scientifically formulated sunscreens and suncare products.  

Learn more at the Moondust Cosmetics website. 

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