Moondust Cosmetics® sees self-care in your future

Moondust Cosmetics® sees self-care in your future

Care and protection of your skin is what Moondust Cosmetics® is about. Today’s tips from the Moondust team go beyond being safe at play in the sun or at work outdoors. Here are simple yet significantly helpful reminders on what self-care includes in our challenging times and to have a healthy and positive fall season. 

It is no longer about wiping down your apples to prevent infection from COVID-19 or other seasonal illness. 

Moondust Cosmetics® encourages you to pay attention to these points to breathe better and enjoy good mental and physical well-being ahead of winter:    


Keep household surfaces like kitchen counters and door knobs clean.  

Wash fruit and vegetables from the market thoroughly with a little dilute natural dish soap – there have been a number of bacterial infections like Salmonella poisonings this year from contaminated produce. In fact, it’s best not to eat raw vegetables in the winter season to reduce the risk of infections. 


Make sure your living space is amply ventilated daily with oxygen-rich air from outside and, if you have a few guests gathered together, it is a good idea to have an open window. Parties with more than 5 people have resulted in numerous coronavirus cases this year, so keep it small! 

Indoor settings have been found to contribute so much more to new infections than outdoor settings do. So if you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors we have come to appreciate even more and adapt gatherings, events and leisure activity to the fresh air setting.   


Think of others while riding on the bus or sitting in other public places – wearing a mask will not only protect others around you, but recent research has shown that wearing 2-ply and 3-ply masks diminishes the number of virus particles reaching you as well.  

Because this Novel Coronavirus has been linked to what is called ‘aerosol transmission’ your attention to these simple protective steps counts greatly. You’ll hear much more this season about air filters and ventilation. Increased airflow through bringing in fresh new air or filtering what is in a room can disperse and dilute any infectious aerosol particles. This reduces your exposure, but being outdoors, as all the public health officials have told us, is the best place to socialize, exercise and recreate.  

Apply some Skin Protector Plus (SPP) from Moondust Cosmetics® and you’re set to enjoy the sun to brighten the skin that wraps your whole healthy body.  Click here to Shop. 

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