The Siren Song of the West Coast Calls Us to Seek Sun

The Siren Song of the West Coast Calls Us to Seek Sun

For fortunate West Coast Canadians, it’s half way through our winter. And, in the pandemic year of caution, so many of us are finding freedom of movement and fresh breath – outdoors. They say there’s no bad weather, just bad gear. Still an easy to apply layer of Moondust Cosmetics® environment and body friendly, Skin Protector Plus (SPP) is always a good companion. Be free to ski, skate, snowshoe or walk in fresh air and sun. It’s great to keep exposed skin supple, soft and protected from UV Rays in any daytime outdoor activity. It’s especially protective if you have sensitive skin or are conscientious about skin cancer concerns for you or family members in recovery.  

Sunshine during recreation, life and work is happening somewhere. And, since SPP meets travel regulations, let’s see where in the world our pretty little tube travels to!  

This season’s serious sun lovers are basking in the Southern Hemisphere. December, January and February are their warmest seasons. So, that means destinations like Cartagena, Colombia; Mexico City, Mexico; San Jose, Costa Rica; Lima, Peru; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sun sun sun till it’s down and then there’s dancing and fiesta!  

These hot spots also enjoy their longest days of the year. So, if you’ve avoided the pain of sun burn and sun damage in the daylight with SPP’s special formulation with APF super effective block science has to offer Apoptosis Protection Factor, then you can party on into the night! 

Let’s float over the Caribbean’s clear and deep blue waters. Our pleasant pit stop sets us up for a flight to Queensland, Australia. Sitting in a window seat?  Where’s that handy SPP?  

While the season of hot vacations in the sun is less available to us this winter, we can still dream as we lace up skis, skates and hiking shoes. We’ll be mindful suncare in any light whether it’s our sensitive skin or our concern due to skin cancer in the family or our own recovery care.  

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Alert: There’s pics of sundrenched beaches, palm tree and outdoor activity.  

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