Dr. Moondust talks about the different type of Coronavirus Variants

Dr. Moondust talks about the different type of Coronavirus Variants

In today’s video conversation with Dr. Moondust, cancer biologist and founder of Moondust Cosmetics® we look at the Corona Virus variants. With countries the world over vaccinating their citizens against the COVID19 virus, we are getting more information on how effective the vaccines are. We’ve also got news of variants that are cropping up.  

Q.           What do we know about the coronavirus variants? 

There are 3 major variants at this time: UK, South Africa and Brazil        

Q.   At this time, the UK variant is predominant. What can you tell us about it?   

It’s up to 70% more transmissible or more contagious than the original strain and according to new statistics, it is also 35% more deadly.  

It contains mutations in the viral spike protein that increases its binding capacity and helps it to invade human cells. 

A German study suggests that the Pfizer vaccine is less effective against it. 

Q:  What about the South African variant? 

It is somewhere between 30-70% more transmissible or contagious than the original virus. It also contains mutations in the spike protein that increases binding capacity. 

Reinfections seem to occur more often with this strain. A few reports suggest that it can evade antibodies acquired through certain vaccines and previous infections  

Pfizer has claimed that its vaccine is effective against this strain, but the Moderna vaccine is considerably less effective. 

Q. And finallywhat is the situation with the variant from Brazil? 

Less is known about this variant. It’s more transmissible than the original virus.  It also contains mutations in the spike protein like the UK and SA variants. 

In looking at indigenous population, they are testing 50% positive. Generally, priority to vaccinate should be given to indigenous populations.  

We know that this thinking is part of the efforts in Canada where vulnerable populations and front line workers, especially in long-term care homes have been vaccinated first. These also include our indigenous elders in urban centres and remote communities with less access to medical equipment and support.  

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