How do the Coronavirus variants affect our daily life?

How do the Coronavirus variants affect our daily life?

In the previous blog, Dr. Moondust noted the major variants of Coronavirus. Of those currently circulating in the world, the UK variant is the predominant one as of this posting date.  Today, she answers questions from readers on the variants and how they affects our daily life. 

What is there for us to do as our part in the ongoing pandemic climate? And, what are some of the actions being taken by our public authorities?  

Q. Dr. Moondust, what is being done about thsituation of the variants 

The vaccine companies can re-engineer the vaccines, but this takes a few weeks; providing booster shots may also be an option, but also take time to prepare. 

China and India are both taking a different approach. They are developing vaccines that include the whole inactivated virus in order to trigger a wider variety of antibodies in recipients instead of just antibodies to the spike protein with the mRNA vaccines. 

Q.  Why are we being advised to wear 3-layer medical masks instead of cloth ones? 

It’s to do with the higher transmissibility of the new coronavirus variants. We know that they are around, but we don’t know how prevalent they are.  

We are being asked to be conscientious about wearing 3-layer masks, with proven protection for ourselves and those around us. Be sure to fit your mask properly to avoid gaps. (See a short video here as Dr. Moondust demonstrates putting on a mask properly  

Q.  What is the advantage of continuing the vaccination program? 

The objective is to vaccinate as many people (without a history of allergies) as quickly as possible in the hope that the coronavirus variants (UK, SA, Brazil) are not the dominant strains in the Canadian population, yet. And, thereby, herd or community immunity can still be achieved. 

Q. Is there an example of a country that is successful with their vaccination program?  

Yes, Israel comes to mind. Studies show that vaccinations work and also that infection rates are dropping  

Q. Just to be clear, what is herd immunity? 

Herd immunity occurs when 60-70% of the population becomes immune to the virus due to vaccination or previous infection. So, in theory, less people are virus carriers or transmitters. Naturally, this does not preclude the possibility of reinfection once the activity of your antibodies decreases with time.  

Q. Why are we seeing new travel restrictions, again?  

The restrictions try to limit the entry and spread of coronavirus variants into the country since the current vaccines may be less effective against them.   

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