Avoid Springtime Sun Damage To Your Skin with these tips from Moondust Cosmetics®

Avoid Springtime Sun Damage To Your Skin with these tips from Moondust Cosmetics®

Ready or not, here comes the sun. After a weary winter, of snow or cold rain, all cooped up due to COVID, most of us are ready to burst out into the sunshine, but is our skin? Spring is here! It may not be time to put away the shovels and snow blowers yet, but it is time to think about sun care for your skin and the protection of APF for the family.   

Here’s a gentle refresher on what to keep in mind as we plan to break out into even these earliest days of spring time sun:   

  • Check your sun screen stash 

 You want your skin care as fresh as you are so check expiry dates.  

  • Pull out your hat  

Good coverage protects your skin, the rest is up to you – don’t forget your hat to help with the rest especially shade for your head and eyes and eyelids. 

  • Slather on that APF sun screen 

Wear sunscreen and always re-apply 

We know that the right protection from the sun is an essential part of your health care routine. It’s important to people recovering from skin cancer, or concerned about it in their future.  

This healthy habit helps you look your best. Not protecting yourself speeds up premature skin aging and promotes the appearance of brown spots and other skin imperfections. 

The springtime sun is just as dangerous as the summer version, and even more so, because our skin is not ready for it, so now is the time to act!   

And why not add some fun while you prepare for spring? 

Did you know that March 26 is ‘Wear a Hat Day’?   

And that the month for spring’s official arrival is also National Craft Month?  Go ahead, unleash your creativity on the sun!  Brighten up your living spaces with sun catchers in the window or shiny sun catchers on your balcony or patio. Send us a picture of your sun catcher and we’ll share with fellow sun lovers on the Moondust Cosmetics® social media page.   

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