Tips to boost your own global health system for vitality and resilience every day and for pandemic protection

Tips to boost your own global health system for vitality and resilience every day and for pandemic protection

Moondust Cosmetics® has two important recommendations to enjoy good health this season, and beyond. Naturally, Moondust recommends its Skin Protector Plus formulation to protect your skin from sun damages. But what about sustainable health for all your body within your skin? The science team behind Moondust recommends an important way to protect yourself in the current climate of COVID and also to have your defenses up by strengthening your personal immunity and resilience –for living well every day.  

You can tap your inner resources. It’s about building up your personal overall health. This whole body or global health approach helps you to draw on vitality in good times and to ward off attacks on your system by organisms, bacteria or viruses that may come along.  

Here is the first tip in the series – and while it might be a reminder on how to care for yourself, it is definitely a big step to keep your first line of defence healthy for recovery and resilience:  


  • Exercise is especially important now as in trying times it can reduce stress, prevent weight gain, boost the immune system, and improve sleep. 
  • Aim for some cardio exercise five days a week, 30 to 40 minutes per day. When you move your muscles you also move your blood, your lymphatic fluid and your mindset – all to the healthy positive flow.  
  • Lymphatic fluid, by the way, moves through your cells and tissues when you move. On its route is removes bacteria, toxins, waste products and even cancer cells. 
  • Be safe but be active! Choose physical activity with family or on your own by getting outdoors, taking a virtual class or moving enthusiastically as you do your household chores. Set those goals and go for them.  

Move more to feel good solo or in socially distanced company. It may even influence how you treat yourself in other ways such as better rest, good food and the secret to keeping stress at bay. More on those tips in upcoming blogs.  

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