Sleep is your ticket to more fun in the sun and safe socializing outdoors

Sleep is your ticket to more fun in the sun and safe socializing outdoors

Now we all know that while we tuck in at night for our beauty sleep and sweet dream time, our body is silently at work for us. It boosts our physical health and even emotional well-being by doing repairs and our brains are busy filing our day’s experiences and memories. Our sleep time is for recharging so we have energy and resilience, to face the day for work, play and what we all agree as being essential to our overall health – quality social time. The scientific team at Moondust Cosmetics® hopes you take your fun time seriously. Put on your Sun Protector Plus, and get out in the sun to get all that goodness that comes from safer socializing and the health benefits in the outdoors.  

Reset and restore when you get enough, good sleep. Enjoy life more when you take advantage of these free and easy tips to energize your beautiful social and healthy self: 

  1. Rise and get out into the early morning light  

This fresh start for a great day also signal your personal circadian rhythm to prep your body clock for an encore good night’s sleep hours later.  

This habit delivers that stable energy for all that productivity you are hoping for and adds to your emotional well-being, so your social interactions feel smooth and satisfying.  

Wake up fresh and alert and smile your way into time in the sun! 

  1. Be rested for resilience  

When your system is resilient you’ll ward off attacks on your system by organisms, bacteria or viruses that may come along. 

Plus, you’ll feel calm and open with energy to enjoy being with people at your place of work, or in leisure activity, preferably outdoors where you have both fresh air and sun as well as peace of mind with safe social distancing.  

All these activities keep your mind sharp, move your body, and keep up your spirits, especially in these challenging times.  

In fact being out in nature and enough good quality sleep also helps reduce stress – the feeling of it in your mind and its physical impact on your body. Your sleep recharging time also cools down the inflammation that burns and circulates throughout your body and can cause havoc on your medical, emotional and environmental life situation.  

  1. Restore your global health settings 

Global refers to your own complete and unique health system and all the elements to address to keep it working well for you. That means sleep, movement and good food to nourish you.  

So, for every day and pandemic protection we recommended this in earlier posts:  

  • Drink enough water to assist body functions and wash away toxins  
  • Exercise for body and mind  
  • Get outdoors where life is simply safer these days   
  • Keep up your good vitamin levels  
  • Add essential oils to your tool kit  
  • Keep up your vitamin and mineral levels, we know at least two that are beneficial – Zinc and Selenium  

Stay strong and healthy at home by making self-care a top priority every day. And be ready to enjoy and to be safe in the greatest immune booster we have – Nature.  

Live well and enjoy your time outdoors safely with SPP  

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