May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and other days to signal sun safety and proper skin protection for all

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and other days to signal sun safety and proper skin protection for all

The month of May and several of its days are named for proper skin care and prevention of skin-related cancer. Some combine social and fun time with activities aimed at raising both funds and awareness for the cause of our skin health. May is also Mental Health Month. A perfect time to care for our overall well-being – just as spring sun’s arrival and soon summer’s stronger rays call for us to get outside. 

Here are team Moondust Cosmetics® top 3 advantages to get on OUT! 

The encouragement to get outside naturally comes with gentle reminders. Consider the time of day you are out in the sun and the duration of your exposure. And use a protective product – the team recommends wise use of Moondust’s SPP – Sun Protector Plus with APF to prevent you suffering in the Human Sunburn Cycle.  

Your watchwords are: Care and caution if you have sun sensitive skin or if anyone in your family has had skin cancer. This could mean you have a predisposition for skin cancer; especially if you tend to get a sunburn rather than a suntan upon sun exposure – this genetic trait sometimes cosegregates with red hair!  

So, all you bodies and beauties take care and take advantage:  

  • Get out into the sun for better health – individually, and for socializing safely distanced 
  • Connect with nature to breath in health and with community around you for your sense of belonging 
  • Nurture your whole being (sun, fresh air, social time + eating well to feed your spirit, body functions and your ever on guard protective immune system.)  

And here’s why team Moondust wants you to mind your fun, work or exercise time in the sun: 

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers around the world and it is diagnosed more than other cancers in the USA where 1 in 5 will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. Of the three most common types of skin cancer basal cell carcinoma, is almost always curable; melanoma, is curable if diagnosed early but life threatening if caught later; and squamous cell carcinoma, is also curable yet can be life-threatening if diagnosed late. The common risk factors such as exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight and tanning devices and high rate of occurrence, we must all be alert.  

So in May we share awareness, promote treatment and stress prevention!!  

There are lots of opportunities, while still being mindful of skin care and skin cancer to get out. Even reminders can be fun like the aptly named Don’t Fry Day. It is marked on the Friday before the May long weekend in North America and ahead of holidays, beach days and leisurely outdoor activities on any day of the week. 

You can join any of the annual community events such as walks and runs with various groups that support people living with skin cancer.  With the pandemic still impacting us all, events may be offered in virtual form, yet the message of awareness and possibly fundraising still gets us moving in our socially distanced efforts!  

Connect with us virtually, any time.