More everyday health tips from Dr. Moondust’s latest research

More everyday health tips from Dr. Moondust’s latest research

Dare we dream of a post pandemic world? It feels farther away when we are outdoor and enjoying sun and freedom to move, to play, to work and to socialize, the concerns of the past year, feel farther away. Dr. Moondust’s research on formulations such as Skin Protector Plus (SPP) for those concerned with skin cancer or who want to avoid damage of the Human Sunburn Cycle, goes on in tandem with studies in science and medicine to encourage the easy and every day health self-care as life opens up all around us.  

Part 1 of this post shared tips regarding supplementation. As part of her global consciousness and care work, some of her findings with supplementation were carried out in a clinic Dr. Moondust sponsors in India. The findings were interesting and are quite timely as India is experiencing such dire challenges with COVID-19 at this time. Naturally, the findings are not just relevant to India but to the whole world because, just like with the retrospective masking studies, it shows that lives could potentially have been saved globally with supplementation in a timely manner.  

“Also, there is the important issue that supplements can potentially still help save lives in countries where widespread vaccination is not yet available – we should not forget such places in our complacency about vaccines,” says Dr. Moondust.  

The addition of things we can do for ourselves to layer on support to our body and overall wellbeing in these pandemic days is reassuring. We know to get outside and get good air and sun in solo pursuits or while socializing for better health.  

And we are mindful of the role of vaccines to help navigate our ‘new normal’.  

Here are the direct final comments from Dr. Moondust’s report on her investigations

Firstly, it is not known exactly how long the antibody immunity generated by these vaccines lasts and, therefore, there may be a lag period during which recipients are not protected between boosters 

Secondly, as new variant strains of the novel coronavirus appear, the vaccines may become less effective or even ineffective at some point. Thus, it is preferable to seek protection simultaneously from a number of sources that attack different parts of the viral machinery.  

Thirdly, even though it is possible to alter existing vaccines to target these new variants, it takes some time to re-engineer them, so it is not desirable for recipients to have an unprotected interval 

Finally, there is the question of how many vaccines an individual can safely receive each year without engendering negative physiological consequences, or, possibly even an antibody overload. 

Bottom line to boost your personal safety every day? 

  • Keep up your hygienic practices and social distancing, especially now that our communities are opening up and progressing more and more to natural interactions at work, at play and in travel.  
  • Supplement wisely with specific vitamins and minerals.  Always good to check with your healthcare team as to what is right for you on your personal path to health this summer.           

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