Tips from Dr. Moondust’s latest research on the Coronavirus Combination

Tips from Dr. Moondust’s latest research on the Coronavirus Combination

Good news in this 2-part post based on Dr. Moondust’s latest research findings on taking charge of our suncare, and to support our overall health in this summer of Corona – still. Moondust Cosmetics® unique formulation of Skin Protector Plus (SPP) supports more fun in the sun and safety for us all. And in today’s posts, part 1 and part 2, we look at staying healthy and empowered as the new Coronavirus combinations float around us at home or on our travels for a while to come. 

What’s common to smart suncare a Moondust Cosmetics® and COVID-19 information? 

The research of Dr. Moondust. 

You may have seen earlier Moondust tips about the health support benefits of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc. Now, worldwide testing and Dr. Moondust’s own investigations and scientific presentation on it, add even more proof. (Curious to see the science? Find a full report on reasons for study, the methodology and the results of Dr. Moondust’s full presentation here

How Moondust got involved 

A Public Health Agency of Canada call to science and tech companies to contribute info on any of their products that may be useful in combatting COVID-19 led to Dr. Moondust to her deeper research on SARSCoV2. Her findings were exciting(See the recap of what’s relevant locally and globally from her study here in part 2)

Here are the easy read highlights for fast action:    


  • Zinc is a key ingredient in Sun Protector Plus and it blocks both UVA and UVB sun rays to prevent apoptotic sunburn and protects you against skin cancer caused by sun damage. Your skin absorbs the zinc oxide in Moondust pleasant and easy glide on sunscreen well.  
  • Not only does it block  coronavirus particles from replicating themselves, it is also helps the human body to detoxify from heavy metals It also has antiviral effects and performs a variety of antioxidant functions, while you have fun in the sun or go about your work outside.  
  • While it is easy to get zinc into your system, zinc deficiency may be present in 17% of the world’s population! 

Vitamin D 

  • Mentioned in previous blogs and videos, Vitamin D continues to be a rock star supplement effective in preventing some elements of inflammation and increase anti-inflammatory activity in your body. This can help to reduce some of the lung damage associated with the virus, if you are exposed.  
  • Vitamin D deficiency is a world-wide problem, but is particularly pronounced in the elderly, who are at risk of contracting severe COVID-19 infection. This deficiency has been correlated with COVID-19 cases and an increased risk of mortality in a large European study and in a number of other recent studies 

Vitamin C   

  • We all know by now that this vitamin is an essential anti-oxidant that even reduces free radical damage from our everyday breathing. It also plays a role in physiological reactions such as hormone production, collagen synthesis and immune potentiation. 
  • Eating vitamin C-rich foods is connected to controlling the level of oxidative DNA damage and it is also a known anti-viral agent that has been demonstrated to show anti-viral immune responses especially against influenza virus at the onset of infection.  
  • In some cases it may reduce respiratory infections from happening or dragging on. For some this means less time in a hospital or even on a ventilator. Vitamin C deficiency has been observed in many respiratory infections in patients worldwide. 

Why go to extra troubles if we now have vaccines fighting off COVID-19? Check part 2 of this post to learn what Dr. Moondust found in her research. 

For more info on the fun side of sun time check out the posts with tips on the Moondust website Connect with us virtually, any time.   

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