Eat well to up your immunity, health and enjoyment this summer

Eat well to up your immunity, health and enjoyment this summer

Eat well to up your immunity, health and enjoyment this summer

Filling up on good food is easy, fun and social in the summertime. It’s good for your health and encouraged by the Moondust Team to put a glow on your skin outside and boost your body’s immune power inside. Today’s post is part three of the health trilogy that began with good sleep and movement to boost your own immune health. It’s just in time to enjoy dining comfortably ‘al fresco’ in the safety of outdoors and enjoying the bounty of local foods at Farmer’s Markets now in full swing.    

Eat well to more easily withstand the viruses of life (stress) and maybe even COVID while you support your immune system in its work.   

Here’s a refresher for great summer nutrition that is so essential to help your immune system to care for you, keep you in balance and ward off infections. Your food choices help maintain healthy weight, ward off infections and are part of your habits for health and a happy body and spirit all year round:   

Eat the rainbow 

Pile your plate with colour – dark leafy greens, red, yellow, and orange fruits and veggies that are packed with antioxidants.  

Give berries a go, citrus fruits, kiwi, apples, red grapes, kale, onions, spinach and now even yams and sweet potatoes and carrots come in fun and nutrient rich colours.   

Choose well 

A diet rich in antioxidant vitamins and minerals is your ticket to vitality in life and the big resistance to inflammation and infection that drags your body down. Eating local, organic help, but you may still be vulnerable to potential problems with food intolerances related to genetically modified foods, or your own genetics. And there’s also the matter of the quality of our soils so good supplements sourced from natural sources are now more necessary in modern life, now. 

Best to go easy on sugar and alcohol with really slows the immune system from doing its work well. Microbes love sugar and will weaken you while they feast. 

General tips for energy now and longevity   

  • Eat whole foods, close to their natural state and choose whole grains  
  • Eat in season if you can and look for organic or at least local as first choices 
  •      Discover the delish in food prepared at home vs. heavily processed, or packaged foods 

For skin health, Dr. Moondust has two favourite extracts – vitamin A oil as it is good for dark circles under the eyes, and carrot oil is which is good for nourishing the skin.  

Dr. Moondust’s work as a biologist and cancer researcher also led her to avoid mushrooms, some wild ones may have accumulation of radiation. Naturally, cultured mushrooms are OK for her as they’re grown inside. 

She’s also wary of the increasing risk of E. coli contamination and infection from eating raw veggies such as lettuce. Young children and older adults are at greater risk of serious complications including stroke, kidney failure, and seizures. So she balances her intake with steamed or lightly cooked veggies as do many culinary traditions. 

What’s your favourite go to dish for summer eating or entertaining?   

As summer is finally here, have fun in that long awaited sun and relaxation and don’t forget to apply the pleasant and easy to apply, protective layer of Skin Protector Plus.  

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