Readers’ Top Tips for August – Summer Sun Safety Month

Readers’ Top Tips for August – Summer Sun Safety Month

A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread—and Thou…Late summer sun holds dreams of beach time together, and gentle tree lined strolls. Sun enthusiasts, including those taking extra sun care in any outdoor conditions to limit skin cancer risks, know to tote along Moondust Cosmetics® Skin Protector Plus (SPP). The easy to apply, pleasant and environmentally friendly ingredients offer sun safety – and pair nicely with the ingredients for an outdoor picnic revealed by the famed words of Persian poet, Omar Khayyam! 

In time for August Summer Sun Safety Month, Team Moondust shares our readers’ favourite skin care tips to keep their skin healthy and beautiful when it comes to soaking up late summer’s rays. They all pair well with smart sun care and their tube of SPP to lavish some love starting on the outside!  

Skin after all is the major organ that protects our bodies all over. So, in addition to overall beauty, it makes sense to take good care to keep it healthy for a lifetime and to remember that smart sun care also reduces risk for the biggest worry: cancer. 

Outside in skin care 

Skin cancers can start in the outer layer of skin that is exposed to the sun, so we want to avoid sunburn. (Read more about Scientific Sunburn the Human Sunburn Cycle here.)  

Take precaution to avoid burning from too much exposure to reduce lifetime risk.  

  • Wear high quality sun protection and don’t be mistakenly selective about safe hours of sun exposure. Be consistent and apply Skin Protector Plus regularly. Remember the exposed spots like faces, necks, tops of feet, ears, and even your hair part-line.   
  • Take cover gently and stay in the shade during peak hours of sun’s exposure. Mix a little shelter and shade time with your day in the sun. 
  • Find fun and fashion if you must be out in the sun to protect you from overexposure: top it all off with a favourite hat, slip on a shirt or billowy cover-up blouse or dress and if the mood is right, maybe a sun ray protective parasol to twirl?  

Inside out skin love to lavish in the summer sun  

Of course you know to hydrate, and quench your skin with fresh flowing sips of water throughout the day, right?  

Drink enough water to keep you cool and all our organs happy and working well. 

But did you know that late night snacking can affect your sun time experience?   Word. Eating outside your normal meal times disrupts the skin’s circadian rhythms. Late night snackers are especially vulnerable to sunburn and even longer-term effects such as skin aging and skin cancer. It’s because studies showed that it weakens the daytime potency of a protective enzyme your skin naturally produces. (Dr. Joseph Takahashi, UT Southwestern) 

What did our readers say their biggest mistakes were? 

  • Being ‘good’ about covering up and protecting themselves for a day at the beach or going on vacation, but forgetting all the other times they are out! 

Sun exposure adds up so over time you can feel harmful effects. Use sun protector consistently. 

  • Staying out too long to soak up the sun while it is here. 

Oh, we wait all winter for that sun, it’s best to avoid prolonged and intense exposure when those rays finally shine down. There are no safe UV rays.  

Always use sunscreen as part of your overall sun protection plan so you can enjoy the summer sun. 

One final note from Dr. Moondust herself: Don’t forget your eyes!  UVA and UVB rays affect your skin and your eyes, so pack proper sunglass protection in your tote along with your Skin Protector Plus tube.  

Take the proper precautions in August and every month! Skin cancer is one of the most preventable forms of cancer, so make sure you and your family are protected while you enjoy the outdoors!                     

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