Apoptosis and Human Sunburn Cycle studies and solution recognized

Apoptosis and Human Sunburn Cycle studies and solution recognized

An important article by Dr. Moondust entitled, Apoptosis: A Key Alternate Trigger of Carcinogenesis has just been published in a British journal produced by Open Access Government. 

You will be interested in this post if you are concerned about your skin health, have skin cancer in the family or are in fact recovering from skin cancer. Read the full article online here.

Apoptosis, a focus in Dr. Moondust’s work as a cancer biologist and primary biochemist behind Moondust Cosmetics® natural Skin Protector Plus (SPP) is discussed in easy to read detail in the article. It relates to much of Dr. Moondust’s study of the Human Sunburn Cycle and its impact on our overall health, and especially where cancer triggers are concerned. 

SPP’s popular cosmetic appeal as easy to apply, fragrant and its being reef and environmentally friendly now has increased appreciation for one of its important ingredients. Zinc. Its 13.5% zinc oxide, content which is far richer than the sun care industry average, is known to protect a person’s skin from burning. In addition, Zinc, which is absorbed from the SPP cream, has also been shown to inhibit the ability of coronaviruses to replicate easily in its presence. It may be especially beneficial if applied around potential portals of viral entry. 

You may also be interested in Professor Jean-Marie Dangou of the WHO’s piece on the different kinds of skin cancer that precedes Dr.Moondust’s article. 

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