Bring on the greenery for wellness in winter

Bring on the greenery for wellness in winter

Got a plan to spruce up your home for that move indoors to the light and warmth during winter’s colder, darker months? Then consider plants for your interior space and plan to ward off any winter blues with green – so healthy and good for your skin, mood and lungs! Moondust Cosmetics® has these tip to help you add life to your home and to boost your body health and spirit this winter.    

Add joy in your home, workplace or home based office and help yourself to energy in your workspace with easy care indoor plants. Here’s two favourites 

Snake plants are a great solution if you want to brighten up a darker corner of your home, as it thrives in low-light locations. Be aware; this plant is dangerous for most dogs and cats so keep it in an area away from pets. Or, how about the highly adaptable ficus elastica, rubber fig. It can grow to any height, depending on the size of the pot. Keep it by an indirect light source (near a window but not directly in front of it) for consistent growth. 

Simply green not your scene? Then snap up some flowers and add colour like with begonias and others that grow all season long inside and out.  

Bring the best of nature’s portable plants indoors help balance out the drier indoor air that is so hard on the skin’s health and natural glow. It also works to reduce the added stress of adjusting to pandemic times – more time indoors in winter, having work encroach on what used to be only private living space in our homes.   

Let’s face it, plants lend energy and freshness and for many they even provide living company in their space. Do these ideas for adding health to your home indoors this season appeal to you?  

 Plants for your desk improve your air and your outlook 

  • Finding a spot for a lively, easy care indoor plant that thrives in low light – has the benefit or making you tidy your workspace.  
  • Water it and you’ll remember to hydrate, too. Exhale fully as you enjoy it and it’ll send the reward of some quality oxygen right back at you. 

‘Express’ your love  

  • Give your house plant light, food and attention, and you’ll naturally lavish some of that love on your well deserving self! 
  • Decorate and design your signature space for success and less stress 

Plants and your posture, say what? 

Just looking at them reminds you to breathe in… and to do that well. You naturally relax and sit up taller. Take a break from your screen and enjoy these added body benefits:   

  • Take regular breathers. Sit up straight and populate your place with healthy and green reminders of life beyond your solo work time and screen sharing. 
  • Plants grow joy and have been proven to elevate your mood and even productivity – increasing calm from the inside out to your skin.  

Your choices are limitless from dish gardens to tropical and anything you can imagine.  

Plants in our homes and work spaces remind us of our connection to nature, and we can never go wrong with nature, can we? 

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