Dr. Moondust®

After using many different sunscreens I found that no sunscreen was working on me and I kept peeling even while wearing them.

Dr. Moondust®

This was rather surprising to me as a cancer biologist and I started investigating the scientific basis of sunscreens. I determined that most sunscreens are not formulated to prevent all stages of sunburn, but mainly prevent tanning.

So, I got together with a biochemist, a medicinal chemist, and an entomologist and we came up with our own formula that works to protect you against every stage of sunburn. In fact, we even came up with our own special test for measuring the effectiveness of sunscreens.

My name means moon, so I decided to call our company Moondust. And, then, people just started calling me Dr. Moondust..

The Brains

The Moondust Scientists

Dr. Moondust®
Dr. Moondust®
Biochemist & Cancer Biologist
Professor PJ Hergenrother
Professor PJ Hergenrother
Medicinal Chemist
Professor AS Atwal
Professor AS Atwal

Mission Statement

As scientists,

We are pleased to present a new line of suncare products with only natural medicinal ingredients and without any harsh, synthetic chemicals. Moondust Natural Sunscreens are specially engineered  to provide effective sun protection and can even be worn  on top of our attractive protective mineral base designed for everyday use (Moondust Natural Facial Base/Moondust Natural Skin Protector).

We are committed to using only the purest ingredients in our high quality, scientifically formulated sunscreens and suncare products.

There has been No Animal Testing and all our products are tested on volunteers.

We are dedicated to helping change the face of this industry by dispelling myths about sunscreens and suncare.

We are donating a percent of proceeds from the sale of our products to a special fund for – Victims of Skin Cancer – to show our support.




I approve of this product for my cancer patient!

Vancouver Dermatologist

I love Moondust - it feels so silky-smooth on my skin!

Jenni, Hollywood Celebrity Events Co-ordinator

It did not dry out my skin like some make-up products and my face is smoother than ever before!

Alexis, makeup artist

Even when I was playing tennis, this sunscreen did not stream into my eyes like other brands.

Vince, musician

I am allergic to perfume, so I like it because there is hardly any scent.

Tommi, Japanese tourist

I love the consistency - it is not oily or greasy like so many other sunscreens.

Coco, homecare worker

My face did not get sunburnt at all, even in 40 degree weather at the beach!

Todd, Slovak student

It is so safe, even my kids can use it. I want more...

Cindi, homemaker & mother

My ears usually get sunburnt and start peeling after I go golfing, but this sunscreen worked!

Carson, golfer