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– If you are a person who usually burns defined in the questionnaire as a “c,” you should actually never be sunbathing. However, a’s and b’s can sunbathe safely with some caution.

– Never sunbathe during peak hours  10 am-4 pm (this period of the day when UV intensity is highest may vary in length according to geographical location and season; it may be longer in tropical regions).

– Always wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun and heat since there is no way of putting sunscreen on your head and hair.

– Try to wear long sleeves and pants or skirts, generally, that cover your arms and legs to minimize sun exposure.

– Avoid wearing sandals that allow contact of skin with sand or other hot surfaces; never go barefoot in the sun.

– Sitting under a large beach-umbrella (with UV protection) on the sand is always a good idea; it is better not to wear synthetic makeup in the sun.

– Wear a good sunscreen like Moondust Natural Sunscreen [try it with Moondust Natural Facial Base underneath]. It should be spread evenly on your face and other exposed parts of your body to form a thin, whitish layer over the entire surface of the skin. Re-application may be required.

– Naturally, if the sunscreen comes off while bathing or is patchy in application, it cannot protect you. It will also rub off with perspiration. Re-application is always recommended at such times and every 2 hours throughout the day.