I approve of this product for my cancer patient!

Vancouver Dermatologist

I love Moondust - it feels so silky-smooth on my skin!

Jenni, Hollywood Celebrity Events Co-ordinator

It did not dry out my skin like some make-up products and my face is smoother than ever before!

Alexis, makeup artist

Even when I was playing tennis, this sunscreen did not stream into my eyes like other brands.

Vince, musician

I am allergic to perfume, so I like it because there is hardly any scent.

Tommi, Japanese tourist

I love the consistency - it is not oily or greasy like so many other sunscreens.

Coco, homecare worker

My face did not get sunburnt at all, even in 40 degree weather at the beach!

Todd, Slovak student

It is so safe, even my kids can use it. I want more...

Cindi, homemaker & mother

My ears usually get sunburnt and start peeling after I go golfing, but this sunscreen worked!

Carson, golfer

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Dr. Moondust® – Our suncare products can be used all year-round, especially with high intensity UV rays when the sun reflects off sand, snow and water.