Moondust’s Latest Suncare Science Published in British Research & Innovation News 

Ready to drink in the summer and soak up the sun? Moondust Cosmetics® has some good ideas for you to enjoy your time in our warm weather weeks with the help of both science and common sense! Read on for tips and news from Team Moondust and Skin Protector Plus (SPP) 

All the suncare and self-care tips shared by Team Moondust are based in science, because the driving force behind the company is President and Primary Biochemist, Dr. Moondust. 

Keep suncare close at hand  – HK will link previous articles with advice on clothing, shade, umbrellas etc. and give super short tips to introduce the links; 

Deeper dive into the science of suncare and attention to our skin 

In her ongoing health research, she contributes to books on topics covering cancer, climate change issues, the environment and the biological effects of radiation. An invitation to publish a 3rd installment on her research into scientific sunburn, skin care and the Human Sunburn Cycle appears in the UK based British publication, Research & Innovation News – Open Access Government’s July 2022 edition. 

Her article (pages 152-153) is entitled: Part 3: Scientific sunburn & skin cancer. This segment’s focus is on the role of resveratrol & phytochemicals in skin cancer chemoprevention/therapy. The post is an excerpt from a chapter in the book, “Comprehensive Clinical Oncology” in which Dr. Moondust comments further on sunburn and skin cancer science.  

This lifelong study of cancer’s cause and cures has fueled Dr. Moondust’s dedication to the formulation of Skin Protector Plus (SPP). It is designed to give assurance and scientific suncare to those who have are concerned with skin cancer in the family, or are recovering from skin cancer. SPP lends protection and extends the possibility of enjoyment for anyone age 3 and over for a safe outdoor experience in sunny or overcast conditions.  

To explore the reader friendly and accessible information of the full article, click here for the Open Access Government publication.  

Moondust’s Latest Suncare Science Published in British Research & Innovation News

This article references the Human Sunburn Cycle and you can read about it and see a diagram of it on its own post on the Moondust Cosmetics® website. 

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