Launch of Moondust Cosmetics® and Meeting Dr Moondust

The newest product, SKIN PROTECTOR PLUS and the new look to Moondust Cosmetics® sun care protection lines is what is at the heart of the official launch being held Wednesday, August 7th. Between 5:30pm – 7:00pm at 1606 West 2nd Avenue (W. 2nd and Fir), light refreshments will be offered in celebration of the new additions to the Moondust sun care line. 

Attendees will go home with a complimentary tube of Dr Moondust’s latest creation plus exciting information from the field of sun care protection.

Come meet to Dr Moondust herself, as she is more often than not hidden in her research lab working on helping those in most need of sun care for their skin they can rely on.

Her dedication to the science of skin care is matched with her ardent support of environmental and social causes.  

In 2018, Drishti Magazine honoured her with the title of Vancouver’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year. As a biochemist and researcher, she is the scientific force behind the Moondust Cosmetics® team. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of London and her Ph.D. in Applied Sciences is from Simon Fraser University. Her research was conducted at the BC Cancer Research Centre and she did her Post-doctoral fellowship in the Biochemistry Department at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Cancer is her subject of specialization and it started Ataxia-telangiectasia (AT) patients, who are genetically prone to lymphomas. More experience with cancer in various states of carcinogenesis including ultraviolet radiation-induced skin cancer, led her to create a novel formulation of a sunscreen to combat apoptotic sunburn that has been associated with skin cancer and other sun care products for the repair of skin damage related to sun exposure.

She is also a philanthropist and is devoted to working for peace.

During the brief presentation at the launch, Dr. Moondust will touch on the true definitions of suntan and sunburn based on her three phases of the Human Sunburn Cycle. She will also address why SPF numbers are both confusing for consumers as well as ineffective in dealing with real sunburn concerns – especially for those concerned with skin cancer prevention, recovery or their susceptibility to burning.

The A word, Apoptosis, and its impact on human skin health will be explained along with why the APF rating which is Moondust Cosmetics’® smarter, scientific answer to managing personal sun protection.

Guests present will have a chance to try on the new formulations that have a greater content of zinc oxide in the formula for effective protection and each newly redesigned tube also contains natural and organic ingredients. Dr Moondust ensured that the new formula of essential oils that calm, hear and influence well-being, would also blend into skin and all its tones, smoother.

Men and women may be delighted by the newly designed contemporary packaging that makes it nicer to pull out a tube of Moondust Cosmetics® in public for easy reapplications that feel and look good. 

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